Buffalo Vol. 1, Shirt 19: "Bad Things, Man"

Buffalo Vol. 1, Shirt 19: "Bad Things, Man"

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Buffalo Vol. 1, Shirt 19: "Bad Things, Man"

Do you know what #78 did on the field while he played for Buffalo, man? Bad things, man! I mean, baaad things. Things that we just can't possibly talk about... Bad things, man.

Designed by Sean Pruso. Benefits Prayers for the Pajaks. Available only through August 3rd, and then it's gone forever.

This product is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Buffalo Bills.

The Need

Lenny Pajak was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma in December 2013. This shirt will help defray medical and living expenses the Pajaks incur during his treatment.

He is currently in the ICU at Roswell Park Cancer Institute fighting cellulitis, high fevers, and low blood pressure.

Len and his wife, Kim, have been making things work for the past several months, but supporting a family of six on a single income has become very challenging.

Contributing Artist

Located in Upstate, NY, Sean is a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan with a soft spot for charity.

During his down time, Sean likes to dabble in the world of graphic arts as well as enjoying the world of sports in its many forms. When 26shirts was launched, Sean reached out to ask the simple question “How can I help?” This shirt is his way of contributing to the cause.