Buffalo Vol. 1, Shirt 24: "It's Boobie D"

Boobie loves his!

Buffalo Vol. 1, Shirt 24: "It's Boobie D"

A design approved by one of Buffalo's more popular offseason additions... He runs! He flies! It's Boobie D!

Designed by Wendy Bretz. Authorized by Boobie Dixon. Benefits Trisha Hanusin. Available only through October 12th, and then it's gone forever.

This product is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Buffalo Bills.

The Need

On February 14, 2014, 32 year old Trisha Hanusin was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She has since undergone 8 neoadjuvant chemotherapy treatments and had a successful bilateral mastectomy in August. She is in the process of reconstruction, and has started another year of chemotherapy treatment. Her condition has kept her unable to work, and due to her BRAC2 positive gene, will also need further surgeries to prevent and cure her of cancer.

Trisha is a lifelong Western New York resident, Canisius college graduate, and current educator of young adults.

You can follow Trisha's Trek on Facebook.

Contributing Artist

Wendy started designing 12 years ago, when her daughter was born, creating scrapbook pages documenting their life together. Her style of design is clean, simple and graphic.

Wendy's designs have been published in numerous magazines, she has created for many manufacturers and is currently on two digital scrapbooking design teams.

In addition to scrapbooking, Wendy loves to create sports edits of NFL teams and other famous athletes. She was thrilled to be able help out designing this shirt for this such a great cause.