Buffalo Vol. 2, Shirt 20: "D-Line Days"

Unisex T-Shirt, Black

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Buffalo Vol. 2, Shirt 20: "D-Line Days"

Opposing quarterbacks won't be happy or glad this fall. No sunshine, no future coming on.

$8 from every sale will be donated to Debra Rogers. Available only through August 16th, and then it's gone forever.

This product is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Buffalo Bills.

The Need

During the summer of 2011, Debra was bit by a tick. As she was accustomed to living in the country, she wasn't really alarmed. However, by the end of the summer she began having mono-like symptoms. From that point until January 2013 her health worsened. She lost over 50 lbs, weighing in at a shocking 94 lbs when she was hospitalized. The hospital was at a loss to explain the severe abdominal pain, the convulsions, and the extreme weight loss. Continue reading...

Contributing Artist

While Michael Biondo may currently reside in Sarasota, FL... his heart and soul remain in Buffalo, NY, where he was born and raised. Currently an Art Director for MyUS.com, Michael also owns Biondo Art, through which he provides a wide variety of art services: everything from traditional arts to digital graphics, print media, and web development. He enjoys creating artwork for any occasion, especially charity events and benefits. You can reach out to him through social media at:

Twitter: @BiondoArt
Facebook: Facebook.com/biondoart
Instagram: @BiondoArt

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