Buffalo Vol. 2, Shirt 5: "The Electric Company"

Unisex Heavyweight Hoody, Heather Gray (modeled by Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Delamielleure)

Buffalo Vol. 2, Shirt 5: "The Electric Company"

McKenzie. Foley. Montler. DeLamielleure. Green. Might as well throw in Braxton and Seymour while you're at it. In 1973, these men "turned on the juice" for the Buffalo offense and led the way to a yards-per-game individual rushing performance that has never been eclipsed.

Designed by Garrett Wolowski. Benefits The City of the Children of Matamoros A.C. Available only through January 18th, and then it's gone forever.

This product is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Buffalo Bills.

The Need

The mission of The City of the Children of Matamoros A.C. (also known as the "Shinsky Orphanage") is to transform the lives of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children in Matamoros, Mexico by providing a safe, secure, healthy, and nurturing environment filled with unconditional love. In addition, it is their mission to provide educational and training opportunities, which will afford these children a chance to become independent adults, and enable them to grow into caring and productive members of their communities who give back to those in need.

Contributing Artist

Garret Wolowski has always had a traditional, passionate, and creative personality.

Beginning at a young age with crayons and colored pencils to recreate sports logos and cartoon characters, his artistic path has led him to graduate from Villa Maria College with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.

Garret Wolowski considers his specialty to be layout design, with an avid interest in sports logos and uniforms.

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