Buffalo Vol. 4, Shirt 6: "Reino"

Ladies T-Shirt, Midnight Navy (modeled by Laura Daniels, local radio host)

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Buffalo Vol. 4, Shirt 6: "Reino"

There's room for a "reino" in this Buffalo stampede.

$8 from every shirt purchased will be donated to Anastasia Rafter. Available only through January 29th, and then it's gone.

This product is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Buffalo Sabres.

The Need

Brent, Lenee, Chase and Anastasia were a very happy, young, growing family. In December, mom and dad noticed that 8 month old Ana was not reaching for items/toys that were in front of her. She also did not react to light or to familiar faces. Brent and Lenee were obviously concerned and brought Ana to her pediatrician. The pediatrician was also concerned and sent Ana to an eye specialist, who saw no abnormalities in her eyes. He in turn referred the family to a neurologist. Their worst fears were confirmed, 8 month old Anastasia was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Ana has multiple testing that still needs to be done, so that they may try and find another course of treatment. Brent, Lenee, 4 year old Chase and little Anastasia have a long road ahead of them. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to her online fundraiser.

Contributing Artist

Sean McCarthy is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

Beginning at a young age doodling on sheets of computer paper and painting posters for sporting events, Sean's imagination has always been an incredible driving force in his life. From drawing comic book heroes, to sports logos, to concert flyers, his artistic path led him to a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Buffalo State College and a Certification in Web Design from Erie Community College.

Sean considers his specialties to be abstract painting, drawing and layout design.

He was thrilled to be able to design this shirt and be a part of such a great cause.

Website: www.seanmacart.com
Twitter: @_SeanMac_

The Sponsor

The Buffalo Marriott HARBORCENTER, #1 in guest satisfaction among North American Marriott properties is committed to providing not only the best service but being an active member in our Buffalo community. We are teaming up with 26Shirts to help someone in need and we hope you can too!