Cincinnati Vol. 1, Shirt 11: "Ambush"

Cincinnati Vol. 1, Shirt 11: "Ambush"

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Cincinnati Vol. 1, Shirt 11: "Ambush"

This group is ready to sneak up on the rest of the league in 2016.

$8 from each shirt sold will be donated to Lorri Carey and her battle against ALS.

Available only through September 4th, and then it's gone.

The Need

It may be called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but in February 2004 it became Lorri Carey’s. Strikingly beautiful and poised, Lorri remembers the life-changing moment her doctor told her that what she thought were leg cramps from exercise and arthritis in her hands were actually the telltale symptoms of ALS, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that erodes one’s ability to move. As the disease progresses, its victims become trapped in a body they no longer can control, unable to walk, talk, breathe, or even blink an eye. The cause of ALS is unknown and its treatment is limited to one FDA-approved drug, which only extends life in some patients by about three months. “We thought about pulling the boys out of school and taking a year to just travel and enjoy our time,” says her husband Paul, facing the sobering fact that people with ALS typically live between two and five years after diagnosis. However the family chose another course—a very selfless path to help others. Their two sons, at the ages of 13 and 11, Paul Jr. and Christian, started Kids4Cure, engaging their West Chester, Ohio, community in walks to raise funds for research and patient services. To date, the boys have raised over $800,000. As a family, they began attending the ALS Association’s annual Capitol Hill Day. Navigating the halls of Congress, the Careys frequently appeal to their Congressman, Speaker John Boehner, on policy issues impacting ALS patients.

After having done so much for others, it's time to give back to the Lorrie and the rest of the Carey family!

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