Cincinnati Vol. 1, Shirt 3: "Cincinnati Baseball"

Unisex T-Shirt, Black

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Cincinnati Vol. 1, Shirt 3: "Cincinnati Baseball"

NO ONE loves baseball like Cincinnati loves baseball.

$8 from each shirt sold will be donated to Christine Carter.

Available only through May 15th, and then it's gone. This product is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Cincinnati Reds.

The Need

Christine Carter is a lead advocate for the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky, and has been serving there since 2009. This past Sept 30th, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer after doctors had found a mass in her colon, part of which had spread to her ovaries. Emergency surgery detailed Christine getting a full hysterectomy and removal of the mass and blockage, topped off with a colostomy in place. She says what scared her the most wasn't the threat of death but that she was told she would be off work. As someone who is so vital to helping the homeless in her area, and a mother who is now in financial need, WE WANT TO HELP! Please consider a shirt purchase, or a donation to her online fundraiser.

Contributing Artist

A designer, foodie, globe trotter and music lover who lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the last 6 years, Michael Kochersperger has been working in digital and advertising agencies where he pushed the conceptual thinking initially to help deliver the best solution for clients needs. You can see more of Michael's work at his website: