Pittsburgh Vol. 1, Shirt 21: "Birthmark"

Pittsburgh Vol. 1, Shirt 21: "Birthmark"

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Pittsburgh Vol. 1, Shirt 21: "Birthmark"

Championships. Ultimately, they can't be separated from Pittsburgh... They're just part of what we are.

$8 from every shirt purchased will be donated to Layla Kosinski. Available only through June 26th, and then it's gone.

This work of parody is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the Pittsburgh Penguins or National Hockey League.

The Need

Layla is a beautiful, spunky, vivacious, typical moody 5 year old girl who at first glance, looks like just that. You would never guess she has been through so much trauma in such little time. Just before her second birthday, she had to have her right eye removed due to a condition known as retinoblastoma. As it turns out, her condition was discovered to be due to a genetic anomaly... which means her future children will have a high risk of inheriting this disease, along with that fact she herself has an increased chance of developing breast cancer, soft tissue sarcomas, and melanoma every year she ages. You can learn more about Layla at her Facebook page.

Contributing Artist

Dylan Winters is a 23 year old Graphic Designer focusing on sports identity, logo design and branding. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but now living in Uniontown, PA with his beautiful wife and daughters. In May 2014, Dylan graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Since, he has had the opportunity to freelance with the Pittsburgh Pirates and is always looking for opportunities in the sports design industry.

You can find examples of his work at: