Known Needs

The response to this idea has been overwhelming. While the goal of this website is to help every need we become aware of, some people just can't wait.

Please take a look below and see if you are able to help any of these possible future beneficiaries NOW:


Blessed By Brian Foundation, in memory of Brian Babcock

Dave Bova and Patti Conta-Bova, couple both of whom are fighting cancer.

Ryan Brennan, Post Traumatic Concussion Syndrome.

Anthony Croce, Diffuse Large Cell B-type Lymphoma

Skyla Dennis, myeloblastic leukemia.

Logan Fogg, malignant brain tumor.

Greg Fuhrmann, complications from a stroke.

Ben Fuller, ALS.

Alex Heldwein, Hunter's Syndrome.

Justin Heim, spinal muscular atrophy type one and in need of a wheelchair van.

Victor Henley, in need of molar impants.

Casey Hoover, stage 3 colon cancer.

Jeff Houseknecht, multiple health issues.

Charlie Insalaco, Shone's Syndrome

Jess Kalota, reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome.

Mike Kasprzak, battling micro vascular disease and other debilitating ailments.

Katie Kaupp, complications associated with cerebral palsy.

Debbie Kelly, breast cancer.

Michelle Maess, in need of a kidney transplant.

Frank Maiorana, stage IIIC colon cancer.

Mike Marcera, needs assistance with medical bills for diverticulitis and spinal surgery.

Dennis McCormick, complications associated with a stroke.

Tammy PauleyStage IV glioblastoma.

Joanne Riford, fully disabled and fighting several autoimmune diseases.

Charlotte Rose, Infantile Free Sialic Acid Storage Disease.

Emily Spencer, Hallervorden Spatz disease

Beckett Stinson, biliary atresia.

Erik Vohwinkel, a father of two young girls who suddenly lost his wife.

Heather Wascak, leukemia.

Dan Woolsey, frontotemporal dementia.

Julianna, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

(Previous beneficiaries can be found linked in the Shirt Archive page. Most can still use your assistance!)